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Biotech Spain

BiotechSpain is a website specialized in information on biotechnology, developed by Web4Bio. Born with the aim of becoming a meeting point for the biotechnology sector, BiotechSpain publishes quality content related to biotechnology and invites biotech companies and organizations to have their own space on the site.


BiotechSpain divides its content into the following sections:

  • News: Up-to-date information on the latest published news related to biotechnology.
  • Events: we inform you about events of interest to companies.
  • Articles: in-depth treatment of issues related to biotechnology activity.
  • Techniques: show you the latest advances in techniques related to biotechnological processes.
  • Molecules: descriptions and illustrations of molecules of biotechnological interest.
  • Opinion: articles written by experts in strategic areas of biotechnology.

Directories of companies and organizations

BiotechSpain maintains directories of companies and organizations related to biotechnology as a part of the general information that the portal offers on the sector. The inclusion in these directories is free and allows you to include your contact information and a brief description of the activity, as well as your products, services and your own news. You can check the conditions to become a member of BiotechSpain:

Specialized services

BiotechSpain offers the possibility of hiring specialized services as part of its activities. Members of BiotechSpain enjoy attractive benefits when hiring these services.

About Web4bio

Web4Bio is a company that provides web&multimedia products and services for biotechnology and biomedicine. Its multidisciplinary team has knowledge of medicine, biology, web technologies, graphic design, video and photography, music and more, as well as a software development team. Web4Bio team is able to integrate all these skills to provide a comprehensive service specializing in biomedicine and science.

Web4Bio has extensive experience in developing websites, portals, multimedia applications and corporate videos in the world of biotechnology and biomedicine, all of which positions Web4Bio as a national leader in this sector.

Through its business activity, Web4Bio aims to contribute to the dissemination and understanding of biotechnology and biomedicine.

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