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The market for therapeutic antibodies

11/07/2013 Last update:11/07/2013

In a previous issue at BiotechSpain we presented the biology of therapeutic antibodies and the immense possibilities as new biological drugs. Indeed, their natural flexibility and specificity makes them ideal candidates for personalized medicine. This versatility has not gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Centromeres and cell division.

15/06/2011 Last update:27/05/2013

The centromere is essential in the process of cell division. This extremely complex protein system defines the structure of the chromosome and at the same time is responsible for regulating the exact distribution of genetic information during mitosis.

The secret of aspirin

30/03/2011 Last update:30/03/2011

The first in a series of topics we will discuss from time to time concerning the mechanisms of action in some of the chemicals used in our daily life.

Therapeutic antibodies

20/01/2011 Last update:08/05/2013

Antibodies, due to their affinity and highly specificity for antigens , plus their effector functions, are the perfect candidates to be used in pharmacology and produce new molecules of therapeutic interest.

Synthetic biology and biofuel production

09/12/2010 Last update:11/01/2011

The possibility of obtaining fuels from living organisms has become an increasingly feasible solution which could compensate for the emission of greenhouse effect gases. Biotechology, through synthetic biology, is capable of offering alternatives, based on the production of biofuels by microorganisms.

The human microbiome and its biotechnological potential.

28/09/2010 Last update:02/02/2011

We all have an image of our body as a set of specialized cells forming the different organs and tissues. However, our existence is shared with a huge number of microorganisms that also form part of our body, and with which we are in constant interaction. Those microorganisms surpass comfortably the number of our cells: the estimations are ten to one in their favor. We now have a name for this community: the microbiome.

PHA industry: when platic is natural

28/09/2010 Last update:08/02/2011

We live in a world where plastics have become widespread. Just take a look around, and you will notice plastics are an essential part in our daily life. If we simply watch from where we are, the list of objects partly made of plastic is surprisingly long: from computers to peripherals, phones, chairs, plastic bags, packagings, writing materials, cables, plugs, varnishes, paints on furniture and walls… there is virtually no human activity which does not involve plastic.

The colors of biotechnology

10/09/2010 Last update:10/02/2011

Scientific and industrial environments, every day more and more specialized and diverse, use biotechnology as a tool in their process to a greater or lesser extent. This diversity has in turn brought about the need for a system to classify biotechnology uses based on common features or final purpose. As a result, nowadays there exist five main groups in biotechnological applications, which have been identified by a color system.