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BiotechSpain Partnering

We present BS Partnering (BiotechSpain Partnering), a service we offer from BiotechSpain designed to enable you to easily manage meetings among participants of your event, so that they can invite other registered attendees and receive invitations to meetings of a fixed duration.

BS Partnering is very simple to use and dos not require any software installation, you only need to sign up as an organizer. Once logged in, you can manage the registration of the organizations or entities you want for your event. The system will automatically manage the agenda of every participant who signs up through his/her organization, so that the corresponding hours will be reserved, locked or released the as the user accepts, rejects or cancel meetings.

Partnering BS performs automatic sending of emails according to the different features, such as new user registrations or requests for meetings. Thus, participants of your event will always be informed of changes in their schedules. In addition, participants can view the profile of the other participants to select and request meetings with those that are most interesting.

If you want to use BS Partnering contact us at or through this form.


Download presentation (Spanish, PDF)