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Formune S.L.
Formune S.L.

Address: Vivero de innovación, Polígono Mocholí, Plaza Cein 5, oficina T5
31110. Noain (Navarra)

Mobile Phone: 34 653837986

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Formune is dedicated to the development of therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of chronic infections and cancer.

The company owns a proprietary, novel platform based on recombinant proteins encompassing an endogenous ligand for TLR4 fused to disease specific antigens and aims to progress its first vaccine candidate to clinical studies.
The development of new therapeutic vaccines is essential for the treatment of chronic infections and tumours. Adjuvant EDA (Fibronectin Extra Domain A) activates dentritic cells (DC) through TLR-4 and the EDA-antigen fusion technology ensures the simultaneous antigen targeting to DCs, expression of co-stimulatory signals and DC maturation. EDA-antigens have shown improved anti-viral or anti-tumoural T cell responses and excellent vaccine efficacy in animal models.
Formune has recently licensed the EDA vaccine technology and has selected EDA-HPV as a development candidate for the cure of cervical cancer, the second most prevalent cancer in women. The company will focus in the next 2 years on the preclinical development of EDA-HPV and discovery efforts to progress a second vaccine to candidate selection.
R&D activities can count the strategic support of DIGNA biotech and the close alliance with the group of Dr. Juan Jose Lasarte at the CIMA who invented the EDA technology.