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Safari Crowdfunding
Safari Crowdfunding, connecting creators and supporters to make something happen based on merits and innovation.
Safari Crowdfunding

Address: C/ Alameda 22, 28023 Madrid. Impact Hub Madrid
Madrid, 28023

Mobile Phone: 34 649467615

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Sector:  Investment and venture capital

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Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform born in Spain in late 2014. Safari Crowdfunding is not just a crowdfunding platform, is a meritocracy, connecting creators and supporters to make something happen based on merits and innovation.

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Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform where you can publish your project in order to get the funding you need to turn your idea into a viable business.
We believe in Crowdfunding as an alternative to the traditional financing methods, but also, as the validation process of the business model proposed, products or services for startups, micro SMEs or SMEs.
If you have a good idea, Crowdfunding not only can provide the funding needs to initiate it, but it also gives you the vision of the market for your idea.
“Do I have potential clients that want to acquire my product or service? If you have a successful crowdfunding campaign, the answer is YES.”
Crowdfunding has many advantages, among others:
• Crowdfunding offers an excellent opportunity to check where the market is in respect to your idea.
• A successful Crowdfunding campaign not only proofs the interest for your idea, but that there is clients willing to pay for it.
• A successful Crowdfunding campaign attracts other investments to complement the funding achieved in the Crowdfunding campaign.
• Crowdfunding as the middle step between the 3Fs (Family, Fools and Friends) and Business Angel investors.
• It does not require big investment to put the product in the market since you are producing under demand.
• Reducing the failure risk and throwing away the money in producing something that has not market.
• Lean: Receive immediate feedback about your product or service and build from it.
• A successful Crowdfunding campaign is one that achieves high audience and dissemination.
• Incorporate to your Sales & Marketing strategy a Crowdfunding campaign.
• A successful Crowdfunding campaign guarantees free publicity.
• Nothing to Lose, Much to Win, Safari only applies its fee if the
campaign is successful.
• Agile: campaigns last 60 days, and if you are successful, the
funding is received immediately.
There is also some disadvantages to consider, and must be understood before initiating your Crowdfunding campaign if you want to be successful with it: Requires a 100% dedication! Once your project is published in the platform it will require 100% of your time and dedication. This is key for the success of the campaign.
It Requires a Community before the launch of the campaign. If you already have enthusiastic followers of your idea, it helps a lot in the diffusion of the campaign. This community will be the first ones supporting your campaign and they will become your project ambassadors.