Biotech Spain  Opinion

Antivaccine´s mathematics

13/10/2015 Last update:27/10/2015

Opinion of the president of the Association of Biotechnologists of Madrid on the decision to vaccinate: a question of mathematics and statistics (in Spanish)

Author: Fernando Menéndez

Biotechnology Communicators Association (AcB). First year of an exciting project

02/10/2015 Last update:02/10/2015

The author tells about the activity of the AcB and its objetives (in Spanish)

Author: Juan Pablo Ramírez. Presidente de la AcB y redactor jefe de Gaceta Médica

Clostridium Difficile infecction

14/09/2015 Last update:14/09/2015

This article is about clostridium difficile infecction: causes, symptoms and diagnostic

Author: Paula Las Heras

The importance of an early diagnostic in Celiac Disease

31/07/2015 Last update:20/08/2015

The author summarizes the characteristics of celiac disease and its diagnostic methods

Author: Paula Las Heras

Biotechnology patents

23/06/2015 Last update:23/06/2015

The author details the particularities of the biotechnological patents, specifying aspects as, among others, what can be an object of patent in this area.

Author: Rosa Rodríguez Díaz

Access to drugs in Spain: An unsolvable conflict of interests or an obligatory necessity reaching an understanding?

09/04/2015 Last update:09/04/2015

The article shows the author's personal view on the current situation of access to pharmaceutical innovation in Spain

Author: Nuria Boada

When the policy limits the technological development and puts at risk ranching in Europe

03/03/2015 Last update:03/03/2015

The author stresses the importance of genetically modified crops for European livestock and their environmental , economic and social benefits; and the current situation with regard to approval by the European Commission.

Author: Carlos Vicente Alberto

Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor: Global Center for Agbiosciences

03/02/2015 Last update:03/02/2015

Situated in the heart of the nation’s topmost state for agriculture, Central Iowa is widely recognized as a hotbed for research, development and innovation in agriculture and the biosciences

Author: Dan Culhane

La compra pública de innovación. Instrumento para la innovación en Biotecnología

23/01/2015 Last update:23/01/2015

El artículo expone las modalidades de compra pública de innovación, su situación en España y los beneficios de la compra pública de tecnología innovadora en el área de la biotecnología.

Author: Federico Baeza. Subdirector General de la Fundación Cotec

Rare Diseases and crowdfunding

15/01/2015 Last update:15/01/2015

The article explains what are rare diseases, their figures, and how crowdfunding is an important alternative source of support for research.

Author: Roser Urreizti

Biotecnología en el filo: más esfuerzos frente a viejos problemas

10/12/2014 Last update:10/12/2014

El artículo analiza la situación actual de la biotecnología en España

Author: José A. Plaza

Some Ideas about Personalized Medicine and Oncology

08/05/2013 Last update:13/05/2013

Personalized Medicine is raising a lot of expectations for a better cancer patient treatment and management. In the short term, biomarkers analyzed in the context of bilogical networks are probably the way to achieve these objectives

Author: Eduardo Pareja